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Energy - Forget to turn the heat down before you left home? No problem, just bring up the thermostats on your phone and tell them you are "Away". Save on energy costs through the remote control and monitoring of your home's energy consuming devices HVAC, SPA, Sauna and Water heaters. Smart thermostats give you control over your environment. Software For your smart phone or computer gives you control anywhere in the world.

Water - Pipes freezing or breaking while you are away is a major disaster. We offer water management kits through the application of an intelligent on/off electronic valve control with integrated water Row meter for leak detection. Since a homeowner needs to know about any water pipe failure, alarms can be emailed or texted to your phone.

Security - Wondering if the lights are out at your business? Cameras provide a means to allow you to "see” what is happening in your home. Our kits let you plug in a portable wireless camera or a more sophisticated mounted pan/tilt/zoom camera. Software for your phone or computer gives you the ability to see any number of cameras.

In·Home Help - Not too ambulatory? This kit is designed For the homeowner that is disabled or bedridden. It supports local control of specific devices, Fireplaces or thermostats from your phone. This application allows a user to turn these devices on/off for periods of time. If you are outside the home, the application does not permit control of defined devices. Since this is coupled with a telephone, it allows you to stay connected and in control.

Integrated Home Solutions - "HouseBeat"" function that will poll the smart devices in your home for any alert/alarm conditions. All or some of these kits can be integrated under a single home application for fingertips control of your home{s). Give us a thumbnail of your home and we will put that on the home page application -giving quick visual reference. Functions are grouped together allowing easy remote control of Home/In or Away configurations in a manner conducive to your lifestyle.

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