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Layton Second Home Residence This beautiful second home is located in the remote Fallen Leaf Lake area of South Lake Tahoe. This custom home was designed and built for comfort, relaxation and intimacy with the natural beauty that abounds in the Fallen Leaf area. This house is used year round by the Loy tons and the winters at FLL can be snowy and cold.

Our Home Spaces installed on "Energy" kit for the Loy tons. The thermostat and water heater control has helped them lower their energy costs while the convenience of remotely controlling their home temperature lets them arrive in a warm home.

Eric: "We love to open our home to family and friends. Often, however the thermostat would be left to a high setting. With our new system by Our Home Spaces, we can remotely tell the home that we are AWAY - setting our thermostats to 40'2 and turning off our hot water heater. I have been monitoring our energy usage and looking forward to realizing the energy cost savings.”

Joy: "We have small children and it can take hours to heat the home up. I love the convenience of calling the home while we are driving up and turning on the heat. When we arrive, the home is worm and inviting."

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