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Security icon Security We call this our "Latchkey Kid" Kit. We offer camera management functions though the application of intelligent cameras with motion or contact closure triggers. Many installed security systems already provide these sensors. We tie these to cameras to trigger a door opening, the leak detect alarm, motion sensing or just logging onto the camera to see or hear your home. This jpeg can be emailed to one of our pictures frames at your offices also. Our iPhone/iTouch application consolidates all your cameras into a single application for you to see or control any one of your installed cameras.

Energy IconEnergy We offer a combination of smart termostats with central site monitoring to give you control over your home or office environments locally or remote. Your phone or computer displays your thermostats information and allows you to change temperatures or your Home and Away settings.

Our Home Energy solutino ties your thermostat control to your Hot Water heater also. Using Home and Away settings lets you, through single button control, turn down your thermostat and hot water heating - saving you significant energy costs. It also provides you the convenience of calling ahead and arriving to a warm home.

Small business owners can remotely control the thermostat in the office from thier phone or home. Our monitoring service provides the information you need to analyze your energy usage and find ways to cut energy costs. If the heat is running even though no one is in, an alert can be sent to your phone about the problem.

NetworkNetwork Monitor and control of smart devices in your home or office remotely requires that your router and network provider support a "port forwarding" capability. If you already have a home network, this is usually just a configuration change to your router. If you do not have a home router, we provide the router pre-configured for this capability.

Some networks do not support a call in from the Internet. In these cases a router with tunneling software is required. We provide a router for this solution, allowing even these special cases to have remote Internet control capability.

Water iconWater Our water management solution is based on an intelligent on/off electronic valve with an integrated flow meter. The metering provides water leak detection down to 0.5 oz per minute. This sophisticated valve is tied to our Home and Away functions to shut water off when you are away.

 Our "H20 Kit Energy" solution provides the homeowner with water valve the water pipe failure or leak detection information they need to know. H20 alarms are visible on the smart phone application, allowing homeowners to remote shut off the valve if this condition arises. Our monitoring service provides homeowners with email or text alerts.

Small businesses with irrigation systems can use this system to remotely tum on and off the irrigation sprinkling system when water is not needed. Our monitoring service receives local weather information. Our service can send on alert to the small business owner that precipitation is expected at their office location. Under control by you, your system can be turned off, saving water costs.

Remote IconRemote This kit makes turns your smart phone into a remote control over the enabled devices in your home or office - fireplaces, thermostats, cameras, lighting and fans.

This kit is designed for the homeowner that is disabled or bedridden. It allows the home owner to turn home fireplaces on/off, turn thermostat up, turn music up, etc. for periods of time. If you are outside of the home, the remote function is disabled. Since this is coupled with a telephone, it allows you to stay connected and in control.

Small business owners are provided with the same remote control over their cameras, thermostats, office music or other functions that are enabled from the comfort of your office. When someone walks through the warehouse door, a picture frame gives you a door bell sound and the image of the arriving person is displayed.


Integration IconCustom Integrated Solutions All or some of these kits can be integrated together under a single home/office application for fingertips control customized to your lifestyle. Give us a thumbnail of your home/office and we will use that on the home page application, giving quick visual reference. The monitoring services provides a HomeBeat service that keeps in touch with your home/office while you are away to ensure that all is order. We provide cost effective and simple solutions that work with in your budget and lifestyle. No complex servers or computers in your home or office required. No expensive custom displays required. Call us for more information.
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