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Home Owner IconHomeOwner - Your home
Your home was designed, built and/or furnished to accommodate the way you live your lifestyles, each of which are unique to the individuals that live there. The investments we make in our homes, reflect our choices and priori ties. As our homes get "smarter" through the use of intelligent gadgets, like thermostat, metering, cameras, homeowners can make choices about the application of this intelligence. Whether for energy and water conservation, home security or entertainment, these choices will empower you to craft the performance of your home.

Our Home Spaces provides new and innovative ways for you to en joy your home and it's electronic content, from entertainment to home management. By providing you with unbundled packages for your home, you pick and choose which capabilities are important to you and your lifestyle and when you want to add them. The simplicity of our design does not require you to allocate a special mechanical room to contain the complex equipment many vendors require to support home automation functions.

Packages Available to the Home Owner:
Energy Thermostat and Hot Water control
Security IP Camera with configurable triggers
Water H20 Alerts
Integrated Home HouseBeat
Remote Monitoring Capture and store energy usage, water usage, camera triggers
Remote Control Use your phone as a remote inside your home.

Small Business Icon

Property Manager
You have been entrusted with the care and management of someone's home. With this trust comes a great deal of responsibility and hassle. Management of multiple proper ties can be greatly aided by remote monitoring and control of these individual homes. Information about a home's temperature, driveway conditions and notification of water run-on gives you visibility in to the home. Coupling the monitor with remote control to turn off a valve or turn down the heat, from your PC or smart phone, and you truly have a powerful set of tools at your fingertips in the office or on the road.

Our Home Spaces provides packages uniquely targeted to the multiple property manager to provide remote monitoring, control and alert/alarm notification. All of your properties can be monitoring or controlled from the PC or individually on your phone. Alerts/ Alarms pushed to your phone greatly increases your response time to a potential catastrophe. By providing a cost effective and minimally intrusive solution, we provide solutions that can significantly aid you while not significantly impacting the home owner.
Packages Available to the Property Manager:
Multi-Unit Smart Application with Remote Monitoring Monitors up to 75 installations on your PC or smart phone. Integrates Energy, Security and Water packages for multi-unit installations. Requires use of Central site for Remote Monitoring and Alert! Alarm notification

Small Business Icon

Small Business Owner
Successful small business owner must pay close attention to operating costs and site security. Smart technologies provide tools for small business owners to better understand and control their costs. These systems have classically been very expensive to install and maintain. New technologies now provide these solutions in a very cost effective manner without dependence on a complex computer system. Call us to research some of the options available to small business owners.

Our Home Spaces provides specific packages to the small business owner that combines energy and water management with camera and lighting control. Control of these networked devices can be under fingertip control from your phone or computer, saving you the cost of an expensive custom installation. Display of your camera images can be on your PC, digital frame or smart phone - again saving the cost of custom displays and their installation. In/Away control of your office sets up different lighting, camera trigger and thermostat configurations. Low cost monitoring for alert condition provides real time information for your decision to on alert situation. There are also many rebates available to small business owners that take the step towards energy and water conservation.

Architect IconArchitect - Your vision
As the architect, your vision and standards of excellence requires a solution that seamlessly fits within the beauty of the home - energy and home automation features should not distract from your vision or the impact of the project. Planning for these systems at the initial design phase provides the optimum entry point of entry for these systems.

Our Home Spaces provides consulting expertise to aid in the design of an automated home for energy and water conservation through entertainment networks. In the rapidly moving field of smart homes and home automation, we can be your central point to understanding standards, exposure to product options or the placing of critical components.

Services Available:

Design through Blueprint - Consulting services by project or hourly.
Builder IconBuilder - Your execution
There are enough complexities involved when you are responsible for turning a set of blueprints in to a fully connected and finalized home. Building homes is requiring an ever expanding set of capabilities now including home networking and solar energy management. Mitigating risk is a requirement to staying profitable while integrating new technologies is the requirement to staying competitive.
Our Home Spaces partners with you during this process to aid any questions you may have about the wiring, cabling or plumbing of your project to support any or our advanced energy, water or home networking needs. If you have an application that may require custom software, we can talk about your options. We are uniquely qualified across the multidiscipline involved at this stage.

Services available to builders:
Blueprint through Final - Consulting services by project or hourly.

Installer Icon IconInstallers - Your Business
The number of homes with networks is paving the way for home automation, which is expected to grow significantly over the next 5 years. The retrofit home energy market can take advantage of new home automation technologies to provide creative and cost effective solutions for the home owner. Savings from a programmable thermostat alone averages 23%. Water control is the next conservation efforts. Home automation to date has been provided via very complex and costly implementations. New web technologies can provide these solutions in a cost effective manner with out dependences on complex computer systems. You do not have to be a computer engineer to install our systems. Wiresless technologies provide a channel into the retrofit market.

Our Home Spaces provides pre-packaged kits for custom installers. We work with user focus groups to design our pre-packaged kits for the end user - taking the surprises out of the installation. We concentrate on both new installations and also the retrofit market. Our kits are priced to provide a cost to the homeowner that is competitive and still have the room to incorporate on installers needs. We prepackage the kits for the installation specifics provided by the installers. Final provisioning of the systems specifics can be done remotely by Our Home Spaces. Our objective is to toke the unknowns associated with our kits out of the equation early in the cycle, so that there are no surprises for you or your customer.

Services available to Installers:
We kit up custom installation packages for your installation. These kits will pre-configure all routers, cameras triggers, thermostat configurations and home/Away   configurations. On-Going support for your installation can be provided by Our Home Spaces.

Designer IconDesigners - Your client
Your vision provides clients with leading edge solutions customized to their unique lifestyle. Changes in the entertainment space, audio and video, are being requested by sophisticated home and office owners. Understanding this rapidly moving space is difficult but required to meet clients needs. We understand the new evolving home. We would like to provide solutions that you can represent to your client that are to your standards of excellence.

Our Home Spaces provides consulting expertise to aid in the design of an automated home for energy and water conservation through entertainment, audio and video. In the rapidly moving field of smart homes and home automation, we can be your central point to understanding standards, exposure to product options or the placing of critical components.

Services Available:
Design through implementation - Consulting
services by project or hourly.



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